Radiant Heat Covected Heat and German Chamotte Clay Core Heaters

Radiant Heat Covected Heat and German Chamotte Clay Core Heaters

This is my first blog and today we are looking at radiant heat and German Chamotte Clay Core Electric Heaters. Where does all the heat come from? Everybody knows its the Sun, but how does it get here? The answer is radiation!

Sounds a bit scary but there is just the vacuum of space between us and the sun. The sun emits radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves

There is a huge range of frequencies a small part of which we see as light,There are many other frequencies that we cant see. One of these if Far infrared which is a very specific frequency just out of the range of visible light that causes atoms in objects it hits to vibrate faster and warm up.

That’s how on a cold overcast day you could be outside, suddenly the sun shines through and you immediately feel warmer. The air temperature hasnt changed, but the radiant heat makes you feel warm.

There are two types of domestic heating, convection heating and radiant heating . A convection heater might be a fan heater or storage heater and basically warms the air. A radiant heater heats objects first with any heating of the air being secondary.

Think of the most comfortable type of heating…..probably an open living room fire or some sort of stove or an aga. All the hot air is going up the chimney. Its the radiant heat that makes you feel warm.

All our heaters use predominantly radiant heat. Its not only the cosiest type of heat but also the most economical. Our German Chamotte Clay Core Electric heaters emit mainly radiant heat and a bit of convected heat. But more on that for another day.

Phew that’s my first blog done! Meanwhile here is a link to one of our other websites you might find interesting .

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