Home Energy Scotland we aren’t, but can we help?

Home Energy Scotland we aren’t, but can we help?

We are not Home Energy Scotland but maybe we can help you save with our energy efficient electric heaters

Our heating uses the principles of radiant heat and produce a better quality of heat at less cost than traditional convector heaters, such as storage heaters.

Convection heating is simply warm air which rises to the ceiling before eventually heating the rest of the room. This can result in a significant temperature difference between the floor and ceiling.

difference between convected and radiant heat

Radiant heat, just like the heat from you stove or open fire, tends to heat objects rather than the air and results in a much more even heat distribution. Add state of the art thermostat and timing controls and you get heating that is not only a cosier heat , but will also save you money.

Typical power requirements for an average room might be 3.4 Kilowatts for a storage heater ( a type of convector heater) 2.0 kilowatts for our German chamotte clay core heaters and as little as 1.2 kilowatts for our far infrared heaters.

We are in our twelfth year of supplying energy efficient heating and have hundreds of happy customers throughout Scotland and beyond

We have lots of information on this type of heating . Follow the links above or pick and go direct to our website that interests you most from our links below.

Energy Efficient Heating

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Far Infrared Saunas

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Our newest website on these amazing saunas for health and well being

Scottish Infrared Saunas The many health benefits using Far Infrared

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