Powerful Economic Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is the heat from the sun

Go out side on a cloudy cold day, when the sun breaks though you feel the warmth. This is radiant heat

Accurate Temperature and Time Control

There is no point having an energy efficient quality heater if you cant control it properly. Our top of the range German thermostat is along with our timing control. Is essential in ensuring your heater does what you want it to do.

Superb Slimline German Engineering

Our slimline heaters at only 80mm thick are amongst the thinnest available

Our heaters can be fixed to the wall, on castors or on feet. We often supply them on castors for immediate use, along with a wall fixing kit for fixing to the wall later at your leisure

Extended 5 Year Guarantee

Not everyone has the confidence in their products to offer an extended guarantee, a huge five years on heater, two years on thermostat

Extended guarantee gives you peace of mind after you have purchased your German electric heater. In reality we have over a thousand heaters around the country and rarely get a call out to fix them. Even after ten years in business