Powerful Economic Radiant Heat
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Powerful Economic Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is the key to economic electric heatng

There are two main types of heating for the home, convection and radiant.

Convector heaters produce warm air which simply rises to the ceiling, dragging denser colder air along the floor  (why you get cold feet), to be heated up. Most of the heat is at the ceiling , where if you were very tall you would have a warm head. Examples on convector heaters are fan heaters and storage heaters. Storage heaters only heat up at the top and warm air is released from the grill, again rising to the ceiling. Giving an uneven temperature across the room

Radiant heat gives a  cosy heat which does not rise to the ceiling as it tends to heat objects rather than the air, much like the heat from the sun. The best heaters use mainly the properties of radiant heat, which is not only more economical, but is  also the cosiest type of heating, just like the heat from the sun or an open fire.

Our heaters are designed to maximise the production of radiant heat with a little convection.  More info on radiant heat here



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