Home Energy Scotland we aren’t, but can we help?

Home Energy Scotland we aren’t, but can we help?

We are not Home Energy Scotland but maybe we can help you save with our energy efficient electric heaters Our heating uses the principles of radiant heat and produce a better quality of heat at less cost than traditional convector heaters, such as storage heaters. Convection heating is […]

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Total Heating Total Control (THTC)

Storage heaters were originally developed to use electricity produced at night when demand was low which would otherwise have gone to waste. The heat or charge is built up over night and then gradually released during the day. To encourage people to use this heating system the electricity […]

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Radiant Heat Covected Heat and German Chamotte Clay Core Heaters

This is my first blog and today we are looking at radiant heat and German Chamotte Clay Core Electric Heaters. Where does all the heat come from? Everybody knows its the Sun, but how does it get here? The answer is radiation! Sounds a bit scary but there […]

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