Accurate Temperature and Time Control

Accurate Temperature and Time Control

All our German heaters utilise at top quality thermostat along with timing control.  This is an essential part of an efficient heating system.  Each heater has its own controls which enables  different room or zones to operate totally independently of each other. This means  for instance if you are out working all day you could set the living room  heater to switch on an hour before you got home in the evening. Bedroom and kitchen heater to switch on for an hour or so before you get up in the morning  to take the chill off before you go to work. It basically gives you complete flexibility on all your heating.

We have two main types of control  a simple knob on the end of the heater, ideal for those that are not too keen on technology and a wireless thermostat, more advanced and a bit more  complicated which can also enable remote heating operation for the like of holiday homes.

Simple Control

Our simple control operating a top of the range German thermostat. When the red light is on its using electricity to heat you room, when the room is up to temperature and its off, it will heat the room using no electricity
The thermostat measures the temperature at floor level, the coldest part of the room, via the black sensor shown at the bottom of the radiator
Wall timer plugs into 13amp socket, heater plugs into it giving you time control for your heating

Wireless & Internet Control

Wireless control sends a signal to a small white box on the side of the radiator to switch it on and off as required. Incorporates various time and temperature controls including setting up a weekly heating programme


This box is required to enable internet control of your heating via an app. It connects directly to your router and enables communication to all your heaters.


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