Powerful Economic Radiant Heat

Powerful Economic Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is the key to economic electric heatng

There are two main types of heating for the home, convection and radiant.

Convector heaters produce warm air which simply rises to the ceiling, dragging denser colder air along the floor  (why you get cold feet), to be heated up. Most of the heat is at the ceiling , where if you were very tall you would have a warm head. Examples on convector heaters are fan heaters and storage heaters. Storage heaters only heat up at the top and warm air is released from the grill, again rising to the ceiling. Giving an uneven temperature across the room

Radiant heat gives a  cosy heat which does not rise to the ceiling as it tends to heat objects rather than the air, much like the heat from the sun. The best heaters use mainly the properties of radiant heat, which is not only more economical, but is  also the cosiest type of heating, just like the heat from the sun or an open fire.

Our heaters are designed to maximise the production of radiant heat with a little convection.  More info on radiant heat here


Accurate Temperature and Time Control

All our German heaters utilise at top quality thermostat along with timing control.  This is an essential part of an efficient heating system.  Each heater has its own controls which enables  different room or zones to operate totally independently of each other. This means  for instance if you are out working all day you could set the living room  heater to switch on an hour before you got home in the evening. Bedroom and kitchen heater to switch on for an hour or so before you get up in the morning  to take the chill off before you go to work. It basically gives you complete flexibility on all your heating.

We have two main types of control  a simple knob on the end of the heater, ideal for those that are not too keen on technology and a wireless thermostat, more advanced and a bit more  complicated which can also enable remote heating operation for the like of holiday homes.

Simple Control

Our simple control operating a top of the range German thermostat. When the red light is on its using electricity to heat you room, when the room is up to temperature and its off, it will heat the room using no electricity
The thermostat measures the temperature at floor level, the coldest part of the room, via the black sensor shown at the bottom of the radiator
Wall timer plugs into 13amp socket, heater plugs into it giving you time control for your heating

Wireless & Internet Control

Wireless control sends a signal to a small white box on the side of the radiator to switch it on and off as required. Incorporates various time and temperature controls including setting up a weekly heating programme


This box is required to enable internet control of your heating via an app. It connects directly to your router and enables communication to all your heaters.

Superb Slimline German Engineering

Our German heaters are not only very economic power full heating, they are  aesthetically pleasing, being only 80mm deep. Way thinner than traditional storage heaters.

The pronounced flutes on the radiator increase the surface area to five times the length of the heater enabling the heater to produce way more radiant heat. The heater heats up evenly from the top to the bottom giving a much more even spread of heat throughout the room than an old fashioned and inefficient convector or storage heater.


You can see here the pronounced flutes on the radiator, increasing the surface area by five times

The radiator comes as standard in the RAL European colour code 1013 which is pearl white.This is a magnolia type of colour which  tends to go with just about anything.

We can supply your heaters in any RAL colour, so if you have for instance kitchen units of a particular colour, we can supply the radiator to suit




Extended 5 Year Guarantee

The engineering company that we work with in Germany started making electric  heaters just after the Second World War. They are now a third generation family company.

About six other German companies have followed in their footsteps over the years, manufacturing similar types of heating. We have looked at most of these other suppliers and firmly believe that non offer the same exceptional quality and value for money that our German manufacturer can supply.

Some UK distributors of this type of heating have high profile marketing campaigns, reflected in their prices. We don’t spend a fortune on  advertising, keeping our operating costs as low as possible, which enables  us to supply our top of the range heaters at great value for money prices.

After ten years we must be doing something right. We are still here and growing, with an exceptional degree of customer satisfaction and hundreds of happy customers across Scotland and the rest of the UK

As the quality of our  heaters are so good, we are able to offer an incredible five year guarantee on them, two years on our thermostats. The reality is, although we are one of the few UK companies that can fix these heaters, we find that we very rarely have to.  Unless you are very unlucky, you should  expect  your  German engineered heaters  to just go on and on for very many years.



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